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100% tailor-made high-tech battery packs.

TECOI PS offers high performance and maximum safety lithium-ion batteries fully adapted to each customer’s specific needs.

Batería Automoción 100 kWh


TECOI PS develops energy storage systems for all types of transport, from passenger and racing vehicles to commercial and industrial vehicles, ready to work both indoors and outdoors.

Featuring extraordinary autonomy, TECOI PS lithium-ion batteries currently power electric cars, motorcycles and vans, as trucks, tractors, and delivery and last-mile vehicles up and running all over the world.

Batería Equipos Industriales 40 kWh


TECOI PS develops lithium-ion batteries for all types of industrial applications, from lifting and material handling systems such as forklifts and pallet trucks to portable devices, generators and emergency equipment.

Prepared to offer high peak power and to operate under extreme conditions, TECOI PS lithium-ion batteries have a robust design that fits perfectly into the space available, which makes them ideal for undertaking the electrification of the company’s machinery.

Batería Estacionaria Energía Renovable 5 kWh


TECOI PS develops optimal solutions for storing the energy produced in solar, wind and hydroelectric installations, regardless of their scale, for both domestic and industrial use.

TECOI PS technology is part of BESS Systems (Battery Energy Storage System) that allow storing the energy produced by photovoltaic panels or wind turbines and supplying it only when needed. TECOI PS lithium-ion batteries are the great allies of renewable energy.

Benefits of Li-Ion Batteries

Energy Density

Lithium-ion batteries feature a higher energy density per weight and volume unit compared to other battery technologies.


Lithium-ion batteries are significantly lighter than conventional batteries, which in turn increases the performance of the whole pack.


Lithium-ion batteries stand out for their total lack of maintenance, avoiding extra costs and planning needs.


Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged and discharged a remarkable number of times without a significant decrease in capacity.


Lithium-ion batteries are safer than conventional batteries, as they have a lower risk of fire and explosion.


Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient in terms of charging and discharging, as well as in environments with more extreme temperature conditions.

logotipo future fast forward

TECOI PS · Strategic partners in the electric car value chain.

TECOI PS is a proud member of the Future: Fast Forward group, the ambitious project with wich Spain aims to lead Europe’s automotive electrification. 

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