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Power solutions
for the industry

Lithium – lon Battery Manufacturer

TECOI PS is  the perfect combination between specialists and technology to  design and produce best-in-class energy storage systems. 


Power solutions
for the industry

Lithium – lon Battery Manufacturer

TECOI PS is the perfect combination between specialists and technology to design and produce best-in-class energy storage systems. 


Solutions and application areas

State-of-the-art and fit-to-client battery storage systems. 

Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Passenger vehicles, electric bikes and competition vehicles.

Vehicles for commercial and industrial purposes (outdoors and indoors).

Heavy industrial transport for the wind power industry, mining and shipyards.

Ocean transportation.



Lifting systems with 100% electric power supply.


Isolated power supplies. Portable charging and maintenance equipment.

Backup for general applications, electrical storage and emergency systems.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) for renewable energy production.

Energy storage equipment for homes and businesses.

High discharge capacity systems for grid stabilization.


End-to-end process for lithium-ion-batteries and equipment.

Energy storage solutions manufacturing
Software, communications and charging systems integration
 Battery desactivation, disassembly, recycling and second life

Innovation-inspired. Attitude-driven

All of our lithium-ion battery products combine customization and innovation.


Highly skilled TECOI engineers, developers and technicians worldwide.


Fit-to-client lithium batteries for energy storage systems.


Average costs reduction for home and businesses.


TECOI PS offers power storage solutions worldwide.

Official suppliers

TECOI PS only source components from the industry leading manufacturers.

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 Determined mindset + Technical know-how

With an experienced engineering team and technicians we provide solutions to all your energy storage requirements.

Benefits of Li-Ion Batteries

Energy Density

Lithium-ion batteries feature a higher energy density per weight and volume unit compared to other battery technologies.


Lithium-ion batteries are significantly lighter than conventional batteries, which in turn increases the performance of the whole pack.


Lithium-ion batteries stand out for their total lack of maintenance, avoiding extra costs and planning needs.


Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged and discharged a remarkable number of times without a significant decrease in capacity.


Lithium-ion batteries are safer than conventional batteries, as they have a lower risk of fire and explosion..


Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient in terms of charging and discharging, as well as in environments with more extreme temperature conditions.

Best-in-class lithium-ion batteries with maximum quality and safety

Lead the change >>>> Find out more about our lithium battery storage systems.
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TECOI PS · Strategic partners in the electric car value chain.

TECOI PS is a proud member of the Future: Fast Forward group, the ambitious project with wich Spain aims to lead Europe’s automotive electrification. 

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