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TECOI Power Solutions



TECOI PS  is a Spanish company specialized in the development of lithium-ion batteries. Inspired by a spirit of constant improvement and driven by a strong proactive mindset, TECOI PS stands out for creating technological solutions that lead the way in quality and performance.

TECOI PS‘s approach is 100% comprehensive and customized at all stages of the process: from commercial advice and project design to manufacturing, homologation and, finally, battery recycling. TECOI PS coverage also includes the development of specific software and its integration, fully oriented to optimize the possibilities of the whole.

The company was born in 2016, when the TECOI group, a world reference in the development of sheet metal cutting and processing stations, decided to explore new forms of energy storage. TECOI PS thus draws on the extensive experience of its parent group in the field of industrial manufacturing to offer the customer the company high standards of reliability and service.

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TECOI PS has a multidisciplinary team fully focused on producing and perfecting high-performance energy storage systems. The more than 300 professionals in our group work every day to develop technological solutions that, in addition to standing out for their safety and efficiency, serve to inspire innovation and drive change. The company offers multiple training programs to ensure that our team is always at the cutting edge of knowledge.

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Highly skilled TECOI engineers, developers and technicians worldwide.


Fit-to-client lithium batteries for energy storage systems.


Average costs reduction for home and businesses.


TECOI PS offers power storage solutions worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our lithium-ion battery storage systems.

Official suppliers

TECOI PS only source components from the industry leading manufacturers.

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TECOI PS · Strategic partners in the electric car value chain.

TECOI PS is a proud member of the Future: Fast Forward group, the ambitious project with wich Spain aims to lead Europe’s automotive electrification. 

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