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Full battery cycle coverage

TECOI PS services cover all phases of the production process


TECOI PS Engineering Department designs all lithium-ion batteries in a 100% customized way and tailor-made to each Project…



Fabricación y producción de soluciones de almacenamiento


All our storage equipment is manufactured at TECOI group facilities. The production lines are fully scalable, which allows us to easily meet the work volume required for each project.


TECOI PS integrates and develops the electronic systems responsible for battery management and safety, which further strengthens the company’s independence and adaptability.

TECOI PS reciclaje

Desactivation, disassembly and recycling

Did you know that today more than half of the materials in a used battery can be reused? Yes, that is why recycling, together with deactivation and disassembly of the battery, is now a fundamental part of TECOI PS services.


Leading the change

All of our lithium-ion battery products combine customization and innovation.


Highly skilled TECOI engineers, developers and technicians worldwide.


Fit-to-client lithium batteries for energy storage systems.


Average costs reduction for home and businesses.


TECOI PS offers power storage solutions worldwide.

Official suppliers

TECOI PS only source components from the industry leading manufacturers.

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TECOI PS · Strategic partners in the electric car value chain.

TECOI PS is a proud member of the Future: Fast Forward group, the ambitious project with wich Spain aims to lead Europe’s automotive electrification. 

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